Yamaha Pasif Kabinler Yamaha IF2112/64 Yamaha IF2112/64 1200 Watt 130 Db (Siyah/Beyaz)XML
Yamaha Pasif Kabinler Yamaha IF2112/64 Yamaha IF2112/64 1200 Watt 130 Db (Siyah/Beyaz)XML

Yamaha IF2112/64 1200 Watt 130 Db (Siyah/Beyaz)

Marka : Yamaha
Fiyat : $3,730.79  + KDV
İndirimli : $2,238.47  + KDV
KDV Dahil : $2,641.40
Barkod : 74576


Artır Azalt

Yamaha IF2112/64 (Black/White)


  • 12" and 15" woofer models available.
  • Three horn dispersion patterns available for each model: 60º x 40º (/64), 90º x 50º (/95), and 90º x 90º (/99).
  • Horn can be rotated 90-degrees, allowing vertical or horizontal mounting.
  • Trapezoidal design eliminates interference in array use.
  • 3" high-frequency compression driver with 1.4" exit.
  • Switchable between single-amp and bi-amp operation.
  • Fifteen 10 mm-screw (M10) and four 8 mm-screw (M8) suspension points provided for flexible rigging.
  • Durable black or white finish (can be painted to match any interior).
  • Optional matching array frame and U-bracket available.
  • Parallel-wired Neutrik NL4 and barrier strip connectors.

Yamaha's new Installation Series Speakers address a number of important issues that give them unprecedented performance and handling characteristics for live sound applications, including permanent installations. In particular, phase characteristics have been kept smooth and consistent throughout the entire series, so you can mix and match speakers to suit any system and venue without ending up with hot and dead spots due to phase interference. And of course sonic quality is superb throughout the entire reproduction range so the full impact of the source material reaches the audience undiluted.

15 inch
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