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Mackie 808S PowerMixer, 2x600 Watt, 6 Mic/Line+2 Stereo Kanal, Dual 9 Band EQ

Mackie 808S Powered Mixer

The whole point of a powered mixer is lots of power, right? That s why there s a real FR Series High-Current, Fast-Recovery power amp inside every PPM(TM) Series Powered Mixer.

It s designed to run all night into brutally low impedances and sound clean even when driven hard. Mackie starts with a massive toroid transformer and 2 unusually large storage capacitors with 720 joules of energy storage capacity. In fact, the PPM power supply is so robust that it can run on as little as 80 volts at the end of a long, skinny extension cord during a brown-out. Then they add their Fast Recovery circuitry that reduces latching distortion so PPM Series mixers sound good even when driven well into clipping. Also included is an SCR crowbar circuit for speaker protection.

Visit a Mackie Dealer and run a side-by-side comparison with the competition. You ll be amazed by how much louder and cleaner PPM Powered mixers sound--even when driving huge PA cabinets.

Ingenious Break Switch
Mutes Channels 1-6 during set breaks so you can play music (via the tape input and stereo channels 7 or 8) without having to mess up your levels, deal with feedback loops, or risk having somebody grab a mic and start spouting existentialist poetry. 

EFX Wide Switch
When you hear the PPM Series ultra-realistic 32-bit EMAC(TM) effects, you ll be impressed. But Mackie also gives you extra effects control--via dual parameter controls and with the EFX WIDE button. It psycho-acoustically adds width and/or depth to reverbs, chorus, and flange... perfect for set-ups where your speakers have to be placed close together. 

75Hz Rumble Reduction
75Hz low-cut filters in both built-in 9-band equalizer sections remove microphone thumps, P-pops, and stage rumble. Sharp 18dB/octave circuitry works without cutting audible bass.

1200 real watts/2 ohms from twin 600-watt FR Series High-Current power amps 

Power amps switchable as stereo mains or main plus monitor 

8 mic/line channels with master phantom power

Stereo line inputs on channels 7 and 8

Inserts on channels 1-6

Active 3-band EQ and stereo pan control on each channel

True stereo 9-band graphic EQ on mains

9-band graphic EQ on monitor

All PPM Series Powered Mixers Feature:
Rugged injection-molded chassis resists impacts that would destroy a rat-fur-covered wood box powered mixer. Built-in handle can be used by folks who don t have the foggiest idea of what injection molding is.

A real Mackie Designs mic/line mixer section! Based on Mackie s world-famous MicroSeries 1202-VLZ and enhanced with new mic preamps and about a gazillion ingenious extra features.

Rugged, sealed rotary controls resist dust, moisture, and other contamination.

Expensive, studio-grade, 9-band program equalizers for mains and monitor that utilize multiple summing amplifiers and precision infinite feedback band-pass filters, which yield superior linear-phase and combining properties. What this means is the graphic EQs are exceptionally low-noise, low-distortion, sound great, and don t suffer from any nasty phase-shift problems.

Level-setting control and LED on every PPM mixer channel--makes setting input levels a snap.

Mil-spec fiberglass circuit boards (instead of cheap phenolic) resist physical impact.

Amp routing switch assigns power amps to mains or mains + monitors.

Hefty 10,000uf storage capacitors for high peak power reserves.

Massive toroid transformer for high-current output.

Mega-cool die-cast heat sink. One-piece die-cast heat sink is custom-cast for maximum heat dissipation and minimum car upholstery destruction. Black coating improves efficiency by 15%. Running Man figure improves coolness-factor by 150% 


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