ACME TS-300 CW Led Fresnel Spot 5500K 300W

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Functional Overview

The ACME THEATRE SPOT 300 CW is a new powerful single source LED luminaire with a 300W Cool White 5,500K±200K led engine, which can project CRI≥95 clear sharp light and reproduce the real effect. It can deliver 15° to 53° wide range beam angle with a high efficiency zoom optical system at 1:3.5 ratio. A special thermal-convection loop coupled with the advanced cooling fan which selected from top brands, only to offer you a better cooling and silent operation. Fitted with special patented clamp structure, the Theatre Spot can easily handle different installation and avoid any unexpected movement making the light out of focus. What's more, the Theatre Spot provides you a smooth fading performance with 4 variable dimming curves and 2 optional dimming speeds. Equipped with flicker free operation, rotating barn door and rotating bracket, this light-weight fixture is suitable for many applications, such as big shows, exhibitions, evening performances, dramas, film shooting, etc.



  • Light source: 1×300W cool white LED
  • Color Temperature: 5500±200K
  • Motorized focus
  • Zoom range: 15°~53°
  • Manual linear dimming
  • 4 dimming curves,2 optional dimming speed
  • 0~100% smooth dimming
  • Low noise under 35dB@1m
  • Rotating cover, rotating bracket with limiting function
  • Flicker free management
Tiyatro SpotlarıLed Fresnel Spot
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