Rcf Rdnet Control-2 Pc Den Kontrol Usb Arayüzü, 2X32 Units

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The RDNet Control 2 is an hardware interface to connect RCF RDNet compatible devices (TTL55-A, TTL33-A II, TTL31-A II, etc.) to a Personal Computer (PC) by means of an USB connection.
The RDNet system was purposely developed to create a data network for monitoring and command of more systems. The RDNet Control 2 unit can manage up to 2 subnets. Up to 32 devices can be connected to each subnet (2 subnets x 32 = total 64 devices).
The addressing of the various devices is handled automatically by RDNet Control 2 interface. Each device is assigned a unique address during the power on procedure of network.

For the RDNET network operating, it is necessary to install the appropriate Software on PC, on Microsoft Windows® environment. From PC it is possible to check the operating of each single device connected to the network and edit its parameters output level, mute, equalization, delay, etc.
The network and devices configuration can be saved as file in the PC and later reloaded. RDNET is a “real-time” system: Information relating to the functioning of the devices is acquired in real-time, a feature that allows a global view of connected devices


  • Real-time acquisition of devices functioning information
  • Devices automatic addressing handling
  • 32 compatible devices linkable in "daisy-chain" for each of the 2 available RDNET ports
  • All devices listed and cyclically scanned ("polling"). 10 times a second, each device checked in a single daisy-chain
  • Connected devices are automatically added to the software synoptic

:EIA RS-485 standard connection

:Daisy-chain ring architecture or bus connection

:Up to 2 subnet managed

:Up to 32 slave devices for subnet


:2 Ethercon housed RJ45 with Ethernet Cat5 cable

:2 XLR chassis connectors with XLR data cable (alternative to RJ45)


:USB standard connection

:Front panel USB type B female connector for direct control

:Rear panel standard RJ45 connector for remote control


:Powered by USB Type B socket

:Powered by USB Type B socket


Width:111/4.37 mm/inch

Height:40.5/1.59 mm/inch

Depth:89.5/3.52 mm/inch

Weight:0.175/0.38 Kg/lbs

Materials:ABS Plastic BOX


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