Spotlight RA-1 1000W Simetrik Reflektör Flood Spot

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Produce a uniform diffused light spread in both the vertical and horizontal plane
Ideal for lighting large areas uniformly even at close range.
By placing several units side by side, an excellent colour mix can be obtained.
Depending on the power of the light source, different kinds of colour filters may be used
150-200-300 W Plastic colour filters
500-800 W Tempered colour glass filters
1000 W Only white light
The colour runners are completely cased and provided with safety catch to ensure no light spill or accidental fall of colour frames or accessories
Internal cabling for four independent circuits with terminal blocks at both ends for connection of additional units
Suspension rings/adjustable feet for overhead suspension or focusing on the floor
Interlocking hinges at both ends allow the units to be hinged together, or two units can
be shut as a book for transportation
The rear of the unit can easily be dismantled for maintenance of lamp tray assembly and cabling
Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17M


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