Sennheiser MZH 3042 L GOOSENECK

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MZH 3015, MZH 3040 and MZH 3042 are metal goosenecks for use with the ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 condenser microphone heads. The rugged, matt black goosenecks (Ø 6 mm) have a special anti-reflective coating and a balanced, floating XLR-3 connector with standard polarity. The L-variants are fitted with XLR-5 connectors and an LED ring.



- 16 in (40 cm).
- Dual flex lightring gooseneck with 5 pin XLR connector for modular installed sound microphones (6.0 oz).



ModelMZH 3042-L
Product TypeGooseneck Microphone
for use with:ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 condenser microphone heads
Black goosenecksØ 6 mm
MZH 3042 with:LED ring
SectionsTwo flexible sections
Weight110 g
Length400 mm


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