Behringer MA6008 Toplantı Odası Auto Mixer-Ampli 80W 4-ohm, 70/100V

  • 80W Power Output, 8x Combo XLR/TRS Mic/Line Inputs, 4x Stereo RCA Line Inputs, 1x 4-Pin Euroblock Telephone/Page Input, 2x Zone Operation 1x 2-Band EQ Per Input 1x Hi-Z Output with Switchable Voltage 1x Standard Lo-Z Output
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  • Marka: Behringer
  • Kategori: Amfili Mikserler
  • 33.500 TL

For applications requiring a higher level of sophistication and capability, the MA6008 automixer-amplifier will set a new standard for integrated mixer-amplifiers. The extensive feature set includes eight universal inputs with individual two-band equalization, direct outputs and adaptive proportional gain automatic mixing for use in speech reinforcement systems that can be expanded to accommodate up to 32 inputs. In addition, four auxiliary inputs are provided with intuitive front panel selectors to allow users to quickly and easily select between music sources. Equipped with remote volume control, source selection and system power, the MA6008 automixer-amplifier is aimed at installations in conference centers, council chambers, courtrooms, hotel meeting rooms and many other venues.


  • Multi-function  80-Watt
    (MA6008) auto-mixing amplifiers with dual 70/100 V
    and 4 Ω outputs, designed for continuous operation
    in distributed music, paging and AV applications
    State-of-the-art, energy-saving Switch-Mode
    Power technology with up to 68% power effi ciency
    drastically reduces energy cost
    2 transformerless, cool-running Class-D amplifi ers
    simultaneously drive 70/100 V and 4 Ω loads with
    adjustable Balance control
    8 Mic/Line inputs on XLR/TRS and Euroblock
    connectors, each with Lo and Hi frequency EQ,
    individual Trim control and post-trim input level LED
    Switchable Mic/Line, Phantom power, Main Mix and/
    or Zone 2 output, Mute Send/RCV, Remote Volume
    control, Chime, and Auto-mixing on each input
    4 pair summed RCA Aux inputs are assignable to the
    Main Mix, Zone 2, and/or MOH
    Multi-featured, dedicated page input with assignable
    Chime, switchable Mic/Line and Phantom power
    Wired Remote volume, power control and aux
    channel selection plus remote volume assign switch
    Individual front panel input Level, Lo and Hi Main and
    Aux EQ, Aux input and Zone 2 Level controls
    Auto-dimming control illumination, dual channel VU
    meter, Power switch, and dual-function indicator ring
    surrounding Master volume control
Audio Inputs8x Combo XLR/TRS mic/line
8x 5-Pin Euroblock mic/line (in parallel)
4x Stereo summed RCA auxiliary
1x 4-Pin Euroblock page input
Input ImpedanceMic: -50 to 0 dBV @ 600 Ω (electronically balanced)
Line: -27 to 0 dBV @ 600 Ω (electronically balanced)
Auxiliary : -10 dBV @ 10 kΩ (unbalanced)
Preamp Output70 V Input:
1x 5-Pin Euroblock
Impedance: 0 dBV @ 600 Ω (balanced)

4 Ω Input:
1x 5-Pin Euroblock
Impedance: 0 dBV @ 600 Ω (balanced)

Hi-Z & Lo-Z Preamp Output:
2x 5-Pin Euroblock
Impedance: 0 dBV @ 600 Ω (balanced)
Phantom Power24 VDC
Switchable on inputs 1 to 8 and Tel/Page input
Audio OutputsAmplifier Output: 1x 4-Pin female Euroblock
Lo-Z Output: 2x terminals @ 4 Ω
Hi-Z: 2x terminals @ 70/100 V (switchable)
Direct Out: 8x 5-Pin Euroblock
Z2/MOH Output: 1x 5-Pin Euroblock
Output Impedance0 dBV @ 600 Ω (balanced)
Dynamic RangeMic: 65 dB
Line: 80 dB
THD & Noise0.5% @ 1 kHz (rated output)
Frequency Response50 Hz to 18 kHz (± 2 dB)
Tone ControlsMaster:
Low: ± 10 dB @ 100 Hz
High: ± 10 dB @ 12 kHz

Inputs 1 to 8:
Low: ± 15 dB @ 100 Hz
High: ± 15 dB @ 12 kHz
ChannelsLo-Z: 1x 4 Ω (minimum)
Hi-Z: 1x 70/100 V (switchable)
Power OutputLo-Z: 80 W RMS @ 8 Ω (minimum, 1% THD @ 1 kHz sine wave)
Hi-Z: 80 W RMS @ 70/100 V (62 Ω minimum @ 70 V, 125 Ω minimum @ 100 V; 1% THD @ 1 kHz sine wave)
ConnectionsRemote: 1x 5-Pin Euroblock
Common: -5 VDC @ 100 mA (short-circuit protected)
Remote Power: 5 VDC @ 100 mA (current limited, short-circuit protected)
RVC: 10 kΩ linear taper potentiometer
Aux Input Select: used in conjunction with wall remote to select aux feed
Power On/Off: 5 VDC voltage make contact input, no open voltage
Inputs 1 to 8: no voltage make contact input; open voltage 5 VDC, short circuit < 10 mA
IndicatorsPower: Yellow LED ring illumination
Overload: Red LED ring illumination
Output Level: LED VU meter (yellow and red when clipping)
Power SupplyMains Voltage: 100 to 120/220 to 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz (switchable)
Mains Connector: Standard IEC receptacle
Fuse: T 5 AH 250 V/T 2.5 AH 250 V
Power Efficiency: 67% maximum
Power ConsumptionIdle: 44 W
1/8 Power: 70 W
1/3 Power: 110 W
Full Power: 240 W
Dimensions (H x W x D)3.5 x 17.00 x 16.00" (8.8 x 43.2 x 40.6 cm)
Weight13.7 lb (6.2 kg)


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