dB Technologies ES-503 Aktif Sütun Stereo System , 3-amped, Power Amp: 1000 W

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DB ES503 Vertical Array TriAmp 1000W Amp. 121 dB

ES503 is a portable 3-amped stereo sound system composed by two passive tops and one 12” subwoofer. The sub hosts a 1000W power amp module with auto-range PSU and a 3-channels mixer with Bluetooth® connection. A powerful DSP – controlled through an advanced user-interface with an OLED display – manages both the coverage of the entire system and all functions of the mixer, making the ES503 a real gem in terms of sound performance and versatility.

Technical Data

Speaker Type3-amped Stereo System with two full-range tops and one subwoofer
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-10dB]37 - 15.000 Hz
Max SPL121 dB
MF - HF8x 3"
Type MF - HFNeodymium
Amp TechnologyDigipro® G3
Amp ClassClass-D
Power Amp1000 W
Power SupplySMPS with PSU Auto-range
Power ConnectionVDE socket
Controls1x OLED Display with rotary encoder w/switch 1x Audio signal monitoring LED 1x USB port (service data)
ControllerDSP 24 Bit/48 kHz
System PresetsFactory presets + User defined
LimiterDual Active, Peak, RMS, Thermal
Crossover Frequency LF-HF206 Hz
Mic/Instrument Channel1x Combo (XLR/Jack) balanced/unbalanced input
Line Channels2x Combo (XLR/Jack) balanced/unbalanced inputs
Media Channel1x Bluetooth® built-in receiver
Mix Output1x XLR balanced output
Housing (Subwoofer)15mm Black Painted Birch Plywood
Housing (Tops)Polypropylene PP
Handles2x lateral side (Subwoofer)
Width (Top)95 mm (3.74 in)
Height (Top)360 mm (13.98 in)
Depth (Top)137 mm (5.39 in)
Width (Subwoofer)465 mm (18.3 in)
Height (Subwoofer)400 mm (15.7 in)
Depth (Subwoofer)430 mm (16.9 in)
Weight (Top)1.9Kg – 4.19lbs.
Weight (Subwoofer)16.4Kg – 36.16lbs.
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