Ecler HMA120 Mixer-Ampli 120W/100V

HMA120 is a self-powered mixer including an integrated media player and 5 external audio inputs: 3 x LINE ST, 1 MIC/LINE and 1 MIC. It features a 120W powered output that supports both low (4 Ω) and high impedance (70V, 100V) loudspeaker lines. It also includes a 2 level priority system (paging, emergencies, etc.),auto stand-by mode, AUX OUT and an additional remote control port to manage the source selection and output volume by means of WPa series wall panels. HMA120 is the perfect integral solution for user-friendly and budget audio projects.

  • 2 balanced microphone input mixable with the selected music program (MIC1 and MIC2/LINE ST inputs)
  • 3 line inputs for music sources
  • Integrated audio player (supporting mp3 format) with USB and SD CARD slots for media storage devices
  • Music program selector on the front panel: LINE1, LINE2, LINE3, MEDIA (integrated player)
  • Noise gate and two-level priority system (Talkover 1 and Talkover 2) for MIC1 and MIC2/LINE inputs
  • Independent level controls on the front panel for MIC1, MIC2/LINE and MUSIC signals
  • 2-band EQ (BASS/TREBLE) for MIC1 and MIC2/LINE and 2-band EQ for program MUSIC signal
  • REMOTE port for connecting WPa series wall panels, 0 - 10VDC (source selection and volume)
  • MUTE port to remotely mute the unit from an external device, via dry contact closure
  • Auxiliary Output
  • Auto Stand-by function
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