LOOK VIPER-NT Sis Makinesi 1300 Watt

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DMX 512 as standard

The VIPER NT can be controlled via DMX 512. The connection is done with 5pin-XLR-plugs.
The DMX start address can be adjusted and saved via the control panel.

The machine can also be controlled with analog (0 - 10 V) via a lighting desk or via XLR-remote (option). This connection is done with 3pin-XLR-plugs. 

A stand-alone-mode is also possible. The adjustments are done directly at the machine. A short press at the start button makes the machine run. Therefore a permanent pressing of the start button is unnecessary.

Internal timer

With the internal timer the fog time can be exactly adjusted in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output in %.

Control panel

The control panel with LED-display, simple symbols allow for easy operation. It also protects the control buttons against dirt.

Finest adjustments of the output

Digital technology makes fine adjustment of the pump possible. In steps of 1% the output can be adjusted from 0 - 99%. Thus, any desired effect from a tiny fog-cloud to the thickest fog can be produced. This enables the viper nt to be used in both small and large locations.


  • DMX as standard, analog and stand-alone-mode
  • Internal timer
  • Fog output adjustable in steps of 1% (0 - 99%)
  • Continuous output
  • Easy handling
  • Powerful output
  • Made in Germany

Technical data


Vaporizing fog generator

Power requirement

1300 Watt


230 V / 50 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz

Warm up time

approx. 7 min.

Fluid consumption
at max. output
at continuous output

120 ml/min.
. 35 ml/min.

Fluid tank capacity

5 Liter

Fog output

adjustable in 99 steps

Output projection

max. 15 m
Fogging time
at max. output
at < 50% output

approx. 40 sec.
Continuous output


DMX 512
0 – 10 V analog
Radio remote (Option))

Temperature controlMicroprocessor controlled
Overheating protection

Heater block/Thermostat
Pump/Thermal switch

Dimensions (L x W x H)

47 x 23 x 24 cm

Weight without bottle

approx. 8,3 kg


fog machine viper nt frontfog machine viper nt side


  • Hanging set (Hanging yoke complete with collecting tray)
  • Ducting adaptor
  • XLR-remote
  • Radio remote
  • Flightcase

Description of the accessories see accessories-site.


The following Look-fluids are available for the VIPER NT:

  • Quick-Fog (thick, quick disappearing fluid)
  • Regular-Fog (thick, long lasting fluid)
  • Slow-Fog (thick, extremly long lasting fluid)
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