Televic İd2500 Dijital Tercüman Ünitesi

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The ID2500 Digital Interpreter Desk features easy and intuitive operation and can accommodate the floor language plus 4, 8 or 28 languages. Up to 8 interpreter desks can be installed per booth. An integrated graphical LCD display with backlighting indicates information relevant to the interpreter.

Interpreters can easily select the incoming languages of their choice by using the 3 relay preset buttons with red indicator LED. These buttons are easily programmed by pressing and holding the relay preset button and cycling through the available language channels on the LCD display with the up and down controls. Releasing the relay-preset button programmes the selected language.

Interpreters get an indication on the graphical LCD display of the quality of the incoming languages. This way they can distinguish between a direct and an indirect interpretation, thereby avoiding indirect interpretations whenever possible.


  • Integrated electret condenser gooseneck microphone, with built-in illuminator ring.
  • Integrated loudspeaker with rotary volume control and up and down channel selector. The loudspeaker is activated when no interpreter microphones in the booth are active.
  • Headphones rotary volume, bass and treble controls.
  • Up and down controls for selection of relay preset languages and Outgoing Channel B
  • 3 relay-preset buttons for selection of incoming languages.
  • Outgoing Channel A and Outgoing Channel B selection keys with red ‘engaged’ LED indicators.
  • The interpreter can program the Outgoing Channel B individually.
  • Graphical 122 x 32 dots LCDisplay with backlighting, used for indicating
    - Incoming languages
    - Interpretation quality (Floor +, -)
    - Outgoing channels
    - Status of loudspeaker
    - Set-up mode (not accessible in normal operation mode)
  • Large Red Microphone On/Off button with red LED
  • Grey Mute button
  • Message button with acknowledge LED indicator for various types of calls.


  • Two RJ 45 connectors for separate loop through cabling of the TMS digital data bus (IN and OUT), max 20 units/bus
  • Two 3.5 mm jack plug for headphones
  • One 3.5 mm jack plug for headset connection (microphone and headphone combination)
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