DAS Pasif Kabinler DAS LX-218C-R DAS LX-218C-R 2x18
DAS Pasif Kabinler DAS LX-218C-R DAS LX-218C-R 2x18

DAS LX-218C-R 2x18'' Pasif Subwoofer, 2000 Watt Rms, 142Db Asılabilir

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- Powered high performance subwoofer system
– 2400 W 3rd generation Class “D” amplifier
– Two 18LX long-excursion loudspeakers
– Front loaded bass-reflex configuration

The LX-218A is a powered subwoofer system designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion. The LX-218A incorporates the 18LX long excursion cone transducer. The newly developed 18LX loudspeakers are a significant improvement over their predecessors offering increased power handling, reduced distortion and power compression.

The LX-218A which incorporates a new high power (2400 W) and high-volt­age amplifier design providing ample headroom and accuracy. The amplifier uses a 3rd generation Class D design and convection cooling from its sealed enclosure. Thanks to the amplifiers high efficiency, no forced ventilation is needed eliminating possible fan failures. The automatic dual voltage selector ensures a “no hassle” mains setup anywhere in the world.

The new horizontal cabinet configuration incorporates two 18LX speakers. The enclosure construction is realized using 18 mm plywood and finished with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. Cabinets purchased for groundstack can easily be upgraded to the LX-218RA arrayable versions with the optional rigging hardware kit. Optional rear casters are available to facilitate transport.


Technical Data
Nominal LF Amplifier Power 2400 W
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 28 Hz - 100 Hz
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m 142 dB
Enclosure Material Birch Plywood
Color/Finish Black/Paint
Connectors Input: Female XLR
Loop Thru: Male XLR
AC Input: powerCON
AC Output: powerCON
AC Requirements Universal Mains 85-250 V
50 Hz/60 Hz
Current Draw (1/3 power @ 230 V) 5.2 A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 55 x 128 x 65 cm
22 x 51 x 26 in
Weight 84.5 kg (186.3 lb)


2x18 inch
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