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Functional overview

The ACME milestone product SOLAR FLARE with breaking-through 1000W white LED technology is recording the output over 35,000lm, it’s the perfect replacement for all max. strength spotlights with discharge lamps up to 1400W. It masterfully combines the BEAM / SPOT / WASH plus a 4-blade FRAMING shutter four funtions into one solidly build unit. The 5-55 degree 1:10 zoom is smooth and consistent throughout the entire range without any hitches or pauses. By equipped with CRI 90/70 switch and a light / heavy frost filter is an option for multipe video recording or fashion show application as well.



  • Colour mixing: Linear CMY color mixing
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Switch to high CRI mode with high CRI filter
  • Framing shutters : 4 fast and smooth framing shutters, each shutter blade position and angle can be controlled individually; Each shutter blade can block out light completely, the framing module can be rotated at ± 45°
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 1 rotating gobo wheel with 6 gobos plus open, convenient replacement
  • Static gobo Wheel: 1 static gobo wheel with 8 gobos plus open
  • Color Wheel: 1 color wheel with 5 colors plus white
  • Prism: 4 - facet prism rotating in both directions
  • Iris: Motorized, linear
  • Frost: 2 new material frost filters(light & medium), can be used independent and overlay
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed
  • Random strobe & pulse effects
  • Equipped with new heat management which effectively dissipate heat and reduce noise
  • With 2 modes: standard & power saving mode
  • Flicker free management
  • Dust-proof and oil-proof design
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