Kraftig DANT4.8 4 in 8 out Audio Processor

  • 4IN-8OUT AUDIO PROCESSOR                                                  
  • 4th ADI SHARC DSP chip, 400MHZ main frequency, 32 bit floating, 96KHz sampling frequency, 24 bit A/D or D/A converter, high S/N.
  • USB, RS232, RS485 interface are housed, PC software control.
  • RS485 most connects 250 machines, long distance control beyonds 1500 miles.
  • RS232 supports outside central control for many scene.
  • 12 groups user data are available.
  • Panel lock function.
  • 31 bands GEQ and 10 bands PEQ, gain and delay are for each input channel.
  • 10 bands PEQ, HPF, LPF, gain, delay, limiter and mute are for output channels.
  • HPF/LPF: Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel/Butterworth(12dB/oct、18dB/oct、24dB/oct、48dB/oct ).
  • Several channels can be set meanwhile, max delay: 1000ms(MS/M/FT). 
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