Work Digiline-Mx Dsp Matrix Sound Processor 8X8

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  • Digital matrix of 8 double inputs and 8 outputs,
  • Independent digital processing for each output,
  • TCP/IP device control managing all the Digiline units from the same computer,
  • 8 x 160 W power amplifier (only for Digiline 8).

Digiline MX and 8 are much more than 8x8 matrix devices, as they can control several sources independently in a same audio installation. Thanks to the new software WorkCAD Designer, it is possible to control any Digiline units included in an Ethernet network from a unique computer.

Their GPIO interface allows triggering any function (configured through software) from a simple wall-mount switch. Users can configure the independent signal processing of each channel with parameters like Crossover, Equalizer and Dynamics. They are all adequate for facilities like shopping centres, funfairs, airports, etc.

8 channels but 16 inputs: Each input is a double one: 1 Line + 1 Mic for Phantom powered microphone. Both inputs are balanced and summed in a same channel, providing 16 inputs distributed in 8 input channels.

GPIO triggering (easy remote control): In addition to traditional inputs, 4 GPIO inputs with TTL level (DC 0-5 V) are available to launch preset from a simple controller.

Digital signal processing on each output: The engine system of Digiline MX and 8 includes a complete digital signal processing on each output, featuring Crossover, Equalizer and Dynamics (all fully adjustable) with curve visualization.

Optimum control through Ethernet. Thanks to the advanced TCP/IP control system, these powerful networked units can be remotely controlled from the same computer and at the same time. It is possible to use an Ethernet controller for all the parameters of Digiline units.

Contrary to the amplified version, Digiline MX features a RS232 port in order to receive ASCII orders from any device that uses this protocol (e.g. Creston). Thus, it is possible to program automatic actions like preset changes, mute for all channel exceptone, etc.


  • Integrated digital audio mixing and signal processing units.
  • 16 (8x2) x 8 digital matrices (16 inputs and 8 outputs).
  • Independent digital processing for each output.
  • TCP/IP device control able to manage any Digiline units included in an Ethernet network from a unique computer.
  • Additional Mic input for an auto adjustment of the emitted signal.
  • GPIO triggering mode to launch preset from a simple wallmount controller.
  • Only for Digiline MX: RS232 port in order to receive ASCII orders.
  • Only for Digiline 8: Built-in 8x160 W power amplifier.


WorkCAD Designer, the new software for digital audio control and processing.

WorkCAD Designer is the new software of WORK® for device control through Ethernet. Its intuitive interface allows managing any device parameters configurable (general visualization of the installation).

The exclusive design of WorkCAD Designer provides great benefits for users. Units connected through Ethernet are visualized in a unique computer: WorkCAD Designer creates a schematic visualization of the installation with their own specificities.
User can group devices in projects (each one with different zones) and name inputs and outputs, taking advantage of a intuitive management and visualization of the overall installation. It is also possible to select a device and edit its parameters (e.g. IP address, name, preset, filters, etc.).

Programming operations can be done online and offline modes. Changes are instantaneously saved when WorkCAD Designer is connected. On the contrary user can use the offline mode to prepare and save a show without affecting current process.

Using WorkCAD Designer with the Digiline series. Using it with the Digiline series, users can edit all the following parameters:

  • Control of presets (both visualization and execution).
  • Control of the input matrix (8x8) with balance of each input. It is possible to edit the input level to be sent at each output.
  • Control of output channel volume (36 dB to -109 dB) as well as Master volume.
  • Crossover and equalization with seven BIQUAD filters independently configurable.
  • Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth types.
  • Adjustment of limitation and compression for the outputs.
  • Name edition for inputs and outputs.
  • Only for Digiline MX:preset of devices that send ASCII orders to Digiline MX.
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