22851 L-Acoustics Kudo 2X12" 3 Yollu Line Array Hoparlör, 900 Watt Lf, 4X5" 312W Mf, 75 Watt 2X1.75" Hf

  • 22851 L-Acoustics Kudo 2X12" 3 Yollu Line Array Hoparlör, 900 Watt Lf, 4X5" 312W Mf, 75 Watt 2X1.75" Hf
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L-Acoustics KUDO Line Array Speaker


  • Adapted to stand-alone FOH applications or K1 fill complement
  • K-LOUVER variable directivity with 50°/110° symmetric, 80° asymmetric
  • Arrayable as a constant curvature horizontal line source
  • Variable line source, splay angle up to 10° for increased vertical coverage
  • 25 Hz mode for exceptional LF performance, reduced subwoofer needs
  • LA-RAK /LA8 package with advanced system drive and protection
  • Sonic Signature fully compatible with K1 and V-DOSC®


WST® Technology - Variable Curvature

L-ACOUSTICS® pioneered the field of modern line source array as early as 1993 with the introduction of Wavefront Sculpture Technology on the legendary V-DOSC® system.
Based on physical rules developed by Heil and Urban (AES 1992) the WST® theory defines five criteria for design and use of true line source arrays.
At the heart of Wavefront Sculpture Technology is the internationally-patented DOSC® waveguide, which morphs the spherical wavefront of the HF driver into a cylindrical, isophasic wave.
In combination with WST®, coplanar symmetry - the equivalent of coaxial assembly for HF, MF and LF drivers in vertical arrays - provides a coherent wavefront over the entire horizontal coverage at all frequencies. This behaves as if the sound was radiated by a single, continuous and articulated ribbon.
Any line source featuring L-ACOUSTICS® elements respects the coplanar symmetry and all WST®criteria on the entire sonic spectrum. This allows an exceptionally coherent sonic signature in very long throw applications, beyond the limits of other systems.  L-ACOUSTICS® has been designing reference line array systems for more than 15 years.

Variable curvature, modular (KIVA and KARA)
Modular line sources offer tremendous flexibility for both the installation market and rental applications. Both KIVA and KARA® systems are designed to combine a compact, high performance and lightweight enclosure with a dedicated companion LF extension (KILO, SB15m, SB18) delivering the necessary LF resources when a reinforced contour is desired.

Variable curvature, large format (KUDO, V-DOSC, K2 and K1)
These systems are particularly suited to large format installations and touring applications for which a reinforced LF contour is desirable. The touring systems rely on the Rental Network K platform featuring the LA-RAK plug-and-play amplification, signal processing and signal distribution rack. The amplified controllers and Network Manager deliver a “right out of the box” contour adjustable with Array Morphing to obtain an homogeneous signature in complex system configurations.


Usable bandwidth
  • 35 Hz - 20 kHz ([KUDO50_25] preset)
Nominal Directivity
  • Horizontal: 50° or 110° symmetric - 25°/55° or 55°/25° asymmetric
  • Vertical: Defined by array size and curvature
Maximum SPL*
  • 140 dB ([KUDO50_40] preset)

* Peak level measured at 1m under free field conditions using 10 dB crest factor pink noise with specified preset and corresponding EQ settings

RMS handling capacity
  • LF: 2 x 450 W
  • MF: 312 W
  • HF: 75 W
  • LF: 2 x 12’’, mounted in a bass-reflex enclosure
  • MF: 4 x 5’’ high efficiency
  • HF: 2 x 1.75’’ diaphramg compression drivers coupled to DOSC® waveguides
  • Nominal impedance: LF = 2 x 8 ohms, MF = 8 ohms, HF = 8 ohms


  • Entirely captive, high grade steel
  • Vertical: Angles from 0° to 10° (1° steps), certified for up to 21 KUDO®
  • Horizontal: Fixed angles of 10°, certified for up to 6 KUDO® per K-LIFT

* Installation safety limits are specified in SOUNDVISION software which is designed to help with L-ACOUSTICS® product implementation

Physical data
  • W x H/h x D: 876 x 356/276 x 689 mm - 34.5 x 14/10.9 x 27.1 in
  • Weight (net): 87 kg - 191.8 lb
  • Connectors: 2 x 8-point PA-COM® sockets
  • Material: 15, 18 and 30 mm Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Finish: grayish-brown, RAL 8019®
  • Front: polyester powder-coated steel grill, Airnet® acoustically neutral fabric
  • Rigging: integrated flying hardware and handles




Boyut2x12 inch
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