SHURE A25D Mikrofon Ay İ For Sm58-Sm57-Sm87-Beta87

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The Shure A25D Stand Adapter for SM58, SM57, SM87A, and Beta 87A Microphones is a break resistant stand adapter that works with all microphones having 0.75" and larger handles. 

Give your hands a break and opt for this roadworthy, affordable mic holder.

Rugged Construction
Shure s hard plastic Stand Adapter is strong enough for touring yet affordable enough for everyday use.
Compatible with a Wide Range of Mics
The A25D works with mics bearing a 0.75" or thicker shaft, including Shure s SM58, SM57, SM87A, and Beta 87A microphones.
Stabilize Your Microphone
The Microphone Clamp frees your hands while providing stability. Prevent handling noise while maintaining a consistent mic position on the stage or in the studio.
Adjustable Angle
Aim your mic as needed using the adjustable head.