Spotlight COM-12 ZW Zoom 1000 / 1200 Watt Profil Spot, 24˚ - 50˚Derece

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25 to 50° Zoom - Variable profile spot with shaping shutters and slots for Iris/Gobo holder Ø 110mm internal lens Ø 150mm external lens - Power: 1000/1200W

• Standard 230V, 50/60Hz power supply (others available on request)
• Lamp-holder type GX 9.5
• 2m power supply cable (plug available on request)
• Strain relief cable clamp entry into light housing

• Safety mesh
• Filter-frame locking system
• Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17 standards

• Independent lens zoom system
• Spherical reflector in 99.99% polished and treated aluminium: 150mm diameter
• 18-leaf iris diaphragm (optional)
• 4 removable shaping shutters mounted between plates specially treated with an anti-abrasive surface
• 110mm optical tempered glass internal lens
• 150mm optical glass internal lens

• Extruded aluminium and steel housing
• External black anti-scratch Epoxy Resin paint
• Labyrinth ventilation to avoid light spillage
• Ventilation slots on the rear housing for efficient cooling even in vertical position

• B size gobo holder slots covered by a sliding door to prevent the accessories from falling out and to avoid spill light
• Double sliding door to access lenses for maintenance
• Peak/Even beam setting and fine adjustment of lamp-to-mirror position for 1000/1200W lamps
• Yoke with 10mm diameter hole, adjustable height, reversible and sliding into extruded rails to balance accessories and for use in any position
• High thermal insulating knobs and handles
• Tilt positioning with fast-locking lever
 Size in mm

 Light Output: Min 24°

 Light Output: Max 50°

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