Infocus-061 Ultra Throw Lens, 1.93-2.89:1 (In5316/In5312A)

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InFocus LENS-061 Long Throw Projector Lens


This InFocus Projector Lens has a Long Throw Lens Type with 1.93-2.89 throw ratio. Featuring manual focus, manual zoom lens with 1.5:1 zoom ratio.

Compatible with the following projectors:

  • ScreenPlay SP8604 home theatre projector
  • IN5312
  • IN5314
  • IN5316HD
  • IN5318
  • IN5312a
  • IN5316HDa
This lens is one of several lenses pulled from new "Old Stock" inventory to be liquidated.
This specific lens was opened and removed from its original packaging for the sole purpose of capturing images for this listing. The additional quantity of 4 Lens-061 will remain sealed and their listing will utilize these same images.
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