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Taıden Hcs-3900 Ma Konferens Sistemi Merkez Ünite, 6p Sockets (max.50 Ünite Destekler)

Taiden HCS-3900 MA



■ Economical and practical, designed for small and

medium-sized conference rooms

■ Compliant to IEC 60914

■ Fully digital conference main unit, audio signals processed by

high performance DSP

■ Conference audio recording and playback

■ With built-in monitor loudspeaker, can be directly employed in

small and medium-sized meeting rooms without amplification


■ Every conference unit is assigned an individual ID for

convenient setup and to avoid double ID allocation forever

■ Set any delegate unit to be VIP unit, VIP unit can be activated

as long as the total of active microphones is not beyond 6 (incl.

chairman/delegate/VIP unit, except "VOICE” mode)

■ Up to 255 contribution units can be connected by adding

HCS-3900ME extension unit

■ System when operated in stand-alone mode can implement the

following facilities:

™ "ACTIVE MICS”, set the number of delegates permitted to

speak at the same time

™ Speaking time limit can be set up (1-240 minutes)

™ "OPEN” mode, microphone key with request-to-speak

registration (AUTO)

™ "OVERRIDE” mode, microphone key control with override of

the active microphones (FIFO)

™ "VOICE” mode, microphone activation on speaking

™ "APPLY” mode, delegate applies to speak by pressing apply

key, delegate can speak only when operator or chairman

approved his application

™ "PTT" mode, press microphone On/Off button to talk

■ With web page control function, the user can access the IP

address of main unit from web browser to handle meeting


■ Automatic video tracking, when cooperating with camera and

video switcher unit

■ Built-in unit detection facilities, detect the unit s LED before the


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