Bosch DCN-CCU2 Konferans Kontrol Ünitesi

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In combination with a PC, the DCN Central Control Unit (CCU) brings greater sophistication to conference control. Users can access an extensive range of software modules, each with a specific function in controlling and monitoring a conference. These modules greatly expand the capacity to manage a conference. In the event of PC failure, this Central Control Unit will revert to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to proceed.


  • IF design award
  • For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems,or a combination of the two
  • In single‑CCU; maximum 245 wired contribution units, plus 245 wireless delegate units
  • For multi‑CCU systems, with up to 30 CCU’s and a total of 4000 contribution units
  • Voice activated microphone mode for wired and wireless systems
  • Ethernet connection for configuration and control computers
  • Optical network for coupling the CCU to Integrus transmitter for Infra Red languages distribution and to Audio Expanders and CobraNet Interfaces to allow a variety of audio contribution and distribution facilities
  • Number of open microphones between 1 and 4
  • Basic voting control for parliamentary voting procedure. Delegates can register ‘Present’ ‘Yes’ ‘No’ and ‘Obstain’. The Concentus Chairman unit can start, stop and suspend the voting. The total results can be displayed on hall displays and on the LCD screens of the units. Also a page function is included which activates a voting tone. With this tone the chairman can indicate that a voting round is about to start
  • Automatic camera control
  • Extended conference facilities when using control PC software or remote controllers


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