Spotlight W-400 Spotlight W-400 Black Light, 400 Watt, Ampul Dahil

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Parabolic spot with built-in ballast for 400W wood light bulb. Extremely powerful beam of black light for long distances and large areas. This spot is unique for large clubs, theatres, open air events and anywhere extra-powerful eye-caching effects are needed - Power: 400W

• 50° approx. beam angle
• aluminium and steel housing
• Yoke with 10 mm diameter hole, reversible for use in any position
• Heat insulated knobs and handles
• Anti scratch epoxy resin paint (standard black)
• 1.5 m power supply cable (plug available on request)
• Standard 230V 50/60 Hz power supply (others available on request)
• Strain relief cable clamp
• Spherical reflector in 99,99 % polished and treated aluminium
• Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17

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