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Bosch Pva-4r24 Paviro 24 Zone Yönlendirici Ünitesi

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Bosch PVA-4R24 Paviro Router


The Bosch PVA-4R24 24 Zone Router is a zone extension for the PAVIRO system enabling the addition of 24 zones, 20 GPIs, 24 GPOs and 2 control relays to the system and is controlled and supervised via the CAN bus by the PVA-4CR12 (Controller).

Up to 20 external routers can be connected to one controller and one router can handle up to 4000W speaker load with a maximum load of 500W on any one zone, 1000W per 6 zones.

The PAVIRO system router is EN54-16 certified and is rack mountable, 2U high.

The internal supervision system monitors the functions and operation of both itself and the connected devices and enables re-routing of a spare amplifier channel, replacing an amplifier channel that has reported a fault.

Fault conditions are reported to the connected system controller for operational control and logging purposes and the PVA4R24 router supports single line assignment or redundant group A/B switching.

Routing of at least 4 channels into eight 100V audio inputs to 24 loudspeaker line outputs is possible and the loudspeaker line outputs are divided into clusters of 6. Each cluster allows the same or a different two-channel operation mode to ensure continuous and/or different music into different zones.

Each router cluster can also operate as a 2-in-6 matrix (4 channel input matrix to 2-in 6 cluster).

Integrated loudspeaker supervision eliminates the requirement of amplifier power for supervision, resulting in very low power consumption.

The LED display on the front panel displays connectivity status, fault conditions and zone status as follows:

• Green: Zone in use for non emergency purpose

• Red: Zone in use for emergency purpose

• Yellow: Zone fault detected

• Off: Zone in idle condition

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