Sennheiser Sk-2020-D Bel Tipi Transmitter

The TourGuide transmitter SK 2020-D will allow you to deliver a highly professional guided tour. Combining the bodypack transmitter with an headworn or clip-on microphone, will give you total freedom of movement during your tour. You will have both hands free to describe an object, make a presentation and express your point. The transmitter can be easily and comfortably operated, and is highly robust. The back-lit display confirms channel choice, the radio signal and the status of the battery. Two jacks for the microphone and line ensure variable utilization. For example, you will be able to transmit an external audio source such as music from a portable CD player via your transmitter and continue to talk or mute the microphone.


  • 6 channels in the license-free frequency range Europe: 863 - 865 MHz

  • Microphone input (3.5 mm screw-type jack socket) with adjustable sensitivity

  • Line input (3.5 mm screw-type jack socket) with adjustable sensitivity

  • Backlit display shows:

    • channel selection
    • battery status
    • audio level meter for microphone
    • audio level meter for line input
    • lock mode
  • Yellow LED: peak warning

  • Red LED: MUTE or LOW BATT warning


RF frequency range 926 - 928 MHz 500549
Dimensions 82 x 64 x 24 mm  
Frequency response (microphone) 100 - 7000 Hz  
Weight 160 g  
Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C  
Operating time Accupack:10 h (BA 2015)  
Modulation 2 FSK  
Power supply BA 2015 / 2,4V; 2x AA 1,5V  
Input voltage range max. 650 mVrms max. 2 Vrms (at -24 dB line sensitivity)  
max. 2 Vrms max. 2 Vrms (at -24 dB line sensitivity)


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