Televic Aladdin-R8 8 Kanal Dijital İr Alıcı

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This lightweight and ergonomically designed pocket receiver is able to receive up to 8 languages. It is compliant to the IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 standards which means it can be used with other equipment compliant to these standards.

A large LCD display informs the user with the channel number, language name, volume, battery- and reception indication.

The receiver can be powered via the rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack with an autonomy of about 52 hours. Using disposable alkaline AA batteries the autonomy can go up to 70h.

A built-in recharge circuitry increases the lifetime of the battery. To save on battery consumption the receiver is switched off when the headphone is disconnected.

When the received signal becomes too low the audio is muted. If the receiver doesn’t receive any valid IR signal for more than 1 min it switches automatically to standby state.

The 270° wide reception angle and built-in error correction ensures a crystal clear sound, even when casually placed.
Reception is not influenced by high frequency lighting and stays even optimal used in bright sunlight.

The reception test mode can be used to check the radiator coverage in an easy way.


• LCD display indicating :
- Channel number
- Language
- Volume bar
- Battery status indication
- Reception status indicator
• Standby mode when no headphone connected
• Audio muted when received signal is too low
• Pocket clip


• Channel Up / Down buttons
• Volume Up / Down buttons
• On / Off button


• 3.5 mm jack plug for headphones
• Charging contacts

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