Televic Cm2500 Digital Masa Üstü Gömme Delege Unit

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•  The CM2500 digital chairman station
comes in an attractively designed elegant
ABS housing for tabletop mounting. It
allows the chairman of a conference to
speak, and listen to the speaker. It is
equipped with a fixed electret condenser
gooseneck microphone, a microphone
On/Off button with 2 associated LEDs
and a priority button.

•  The CM2500 can be inserted anywhere
in the system. A version of chairman
station with language interpretation and
with voting facilities is also available.
The different models of stations can be
mixed in one system.


Technical Data
Standard  IEC 849
Power Supply  48V DC, supplied from CE2500 central
Dimensions:  W 150 mm, H 80 mm, D 185 mm
Length microphone  380 mm
Weight  0,7 kg
Colour:  Charcoal Pantone Black 7C
Housing  Recyclable ABS
Part Number  71.60.2002

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