Televic Dm2500 Digital Masa Üstü Gömme Başkan Ünit

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•  The DM2500 digital delegate station
comes in an attractively designed elegant
ABS housing for tabletop mounting. It
allows delegates of a conference to
speak, request-to-speak and listen to the
speaker. It is equipped with a fixed
electret  condenser  gooseneck
microphone and a microphone On/Off or
request-to-speak button.

•  Delegate  stations  with  language
interpretation  (DML2500)  and  with
voting facilities (DMV2500) are also
available. The different models of
delegate stations can be mixed in one

Controls & Features

•  Built-in high quality loudspeaker which
is automatically muted when the
microphone is active

•  Microphone On/Off or request-to-speak

•  Fixed goose-neck electret condenser
microphone with illuminator ring

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