STK Pro VM-16SDDR Power Mixer 16 Kanal, 2X450 Watt, Çift Efekt, Sub Out

  • STK Pro VM-16SDDR Power Mixer 16 Kanal, 2X450 Watt, Çift Efekt, Sub Out
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  • Kategori: Power Mixer
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The STK Mixers new design for "U" mark level setting. every rotary, slide controls are designed for unit gain circuitry to make no change inputs outputs signal level, this special features have make correct level setting with best noise structure. 
The VM16S-DDR have a same class features of the SM-16SDDR Mixer section.
Lot of Inputs configurations with studio quality Mic preamps and total 900W powerful outputs in a compact size.

  • New Green design for "U" mark level setting.
  • 16 CH 32 input configurations.
  • STK studio quality MIC preamps, superbly flat 0.005% THD.
  • The faders precision log-taper type, made by PANASONIC.
  • The CH Pan Pots are constant loudness control type design.
  • Ultra low noise circuit board design “STK STANDARD”
  • The G.EQs precision frequency controls,low noise,no clipping design
  • Ultra-realistic sound with 20kHz response dual variable DDR digital effector
  • Lowest in-rush trodial transformers, T-tunnel design heat sink cooling.
  • FET control quiet power on/off muting circuits.
  • Available rack mounting 8U space.
4 ohm load per channel 440W + 440W
8 ohm load per channel 300W + 300W
Rated Power(20-20kHz)  
4 ohm load 430W + 430W
8 ohm load 290W + 290W
(THD & SMPTE IND; 20Hz to 20kHz)
Mic input to main mixes output 0.01%
Mic input to power amp output0.05%
(all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
Mono mic/line 8 (XLR and TRS1/4")
Stereo line2(left/mono) + 2(Right)
CH InsertTRS 1/4"
TapeStereo RCA
Stereo line(Utility) 2(1&2 Left) + 2(1&2 Right)
Amp in 1 TS 1/4" L, 1 TS 1/4" R
(all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
Main L/R Stereo Dual TRS 1/4”
Main Mono(Subwoofer) 1 TRS 1/4”
Aux Sends Dual TRS 1/4”
Tape L/R Stereo Stereo RCA
Phones TRS 1/4”
Speaker Outputs TS 1/4" /Speakon
Channel Strips  
Aux controls 1 + 1 EFX + 1 Mon
Constant Loudness pan control Yes
Channel solo with metering Yes
LED indicators Peak
Volume controls 60 mm Faders
Master Section  
Digi EFX Dual Variable
Reverb Control 1 Time Pot(0.5~10 sec)+1 Level Pot
Delay Control 1 Time Pot (50~1000 msec)+1 Level Pot
Repeat Control 1 Delay Feedback Pot(0-90%)
Program Delay/Echo, Delay Cross F.B, Delay 3 Tap Pan, Delay One Short, Reverb HALL, Reverb Room, Reverb PLATE, Reverb AMBIENT
Digi EFX Control On/Off, LED Level Set
Digi EFX Buss Control 1 Mon + 1 Main
5 Band Graphic Equalizer 1 Left + 1 Right
Power AMP Routing Yes
Foot Pedal EFX Jack Yes
Amp In Level Control Yes
Tape In Level Control Yes
Global AFL/PFL Solo Mode Yes
Aux/Monitor Send Master 60 mm Faders
Main Mix Volume 60 mm Faders
Mono Master 60 mm Faders
Master Gains@Unity, CH.gains Down 87dB
Master Gains@Unity, CH.gains@Unity 85dB
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥97dB
Adjacent inputs or input to output -90 dB
Frequency Response  
20Hz to 40kHz(Mic Pre Section) +0, -1dB
20Hz to 30kHz(Power Amp Section) +0, -1dB
Maximum Levels  
Mic Preamp Input +14 dBu
Power amp in +22dBu
All Other inputs +20 dBu
Mic Preamp Input 4k Bal
All Other input 10k
Line Input 4k
Equalization 3 Band Mid Sweep & 4 band fixed
Low EQ(±15dB) 80Hz±15dB
Mid EQ(±12dB) 100Hz-8kHz±12dB & fixed 800Hz,3KHz
Hi EQ(±15dB) 12kHz±15dB
Low-Cut Filter 18dB/Oct 75Hz
Micriphone Preamp E.I.N.5 -128 dBm
Power Requirements 1200 Watts
Dimension(WxHxD) 515 x 146 x 405
Shipping/CBM 0.0621
Net Weight 19.5 kg
Shipping Weight 20.8 kg


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