dB Technologies DRK-20 Fly frame for DVA for up to 24xDVA T12

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The new DRK-20M is the first motorized fly bar in the world for line array systems.

Equipped with a system that modifies the clusters focal point, it is possible to adjust the inclination of the sound system in any moment without having to lower the loudspeakers; this makes it possible to change the sound coverage, when necessary, even during the event.

This system can be directed from RDNet or by simply using a manual remote control connected with a standard XLR cable.

The new DRK-20 M is also equipped with an RD_NET interface, in order to control each of its functions through a computer and monitor its position in real time.

The new motorized Fly bar is also very useful in facilitating the installation of line array modules by adjusting the clusters inclination progressively, as each single modules’ applied angles vary.

Thanks to its solid structure in special steel, it is possible to hang speakers of the DVA series with a weight of up to 1000kg, TUV certified.

Fly Bar Motorized for DVA T4 - T8 - T12 - S09DP - S10DP - S2585N - S1518N

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