Eurolite Dmx Stage Control-136 Ch Dmx Kanallı Robot & Led + Dimmer Işık Kontrol Masası


Eurolite DMX Stage Control 136


  • 136 control channels DMX out and MIDI in
  • 8 channel-faders with LED
  • Fade Time fader with LED for adjusting the step time
  • Master-fader with LED for adjusting the total output level
  • Speed-fader for adjusting the program-speed
  • Audio-fader with LED for adjusting the music sensitivity
  • CF memory card for programs
  • LCD display
  • External power supply
  • 6.3 mm jack connection for footswitch (scene steps)
  • 0/10 V-output via one 5-pin DIN-socket for fog machine
  • Simultaneous and independent control of scanner and parcan section
  • Dimmer: Manual control of the channels via sliders
  • Full On: all channels can be switched on together
  • Blackout-function
  • Program speed adjustable via speed-fader or Tap Sync-button
  • Sound-control via external signal or integrated microphone
  • Sound to light via RCA socket
  • Rack mounting plates included
  • Rack installation with 4 units
  • 128 control channels for 8 scanners with up to 16 DMX channels
  • 12 pages with up to 8 scenes can be programmed
  • 8 chasers each with up to 99 steps
  • Programmable speed and fade time
  • Patch possibility
  • Joystick with fine mode and 4 step buttons
  • 8 dim fader channels and 1 master fader
  • 12 pages with up to 6 scenes can be programmed
  • 6 chasers each with 99 steps
  • Speed, tap-sync und audio fader
  • Step function
  • Standby and full-on
Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz ~
 via 12 V DC, 600 mA power unit included in the delivery
Power consumption:6 W
Number of control channels:136
Sound-control:via built-in microphone or via audio-input
Audio-sensitivity:0.1 - 1 V
DMX512 output:3-pin XLR connector with polarity selector
Free chasers:8 for scanner section and 6 for dimmer section
Dimensions (LxWxH):483 x 180 x 93 mm
 Rack installation with 4U
Minimum mounting depth:100 mm
Weight:3 kg
Shipping weight:3.750 kg


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