SHURE QLXD1 Bel Tipi Verici, Mini 4-Pin Xlr Konnektör


Shure ULX1 Bodypack


  • J1 - 554 / 590 Mhz
  • M1 - 662 - 698 Mhz
  • G3 - 470 / 506 Mhz

The Shure ULX1 is a low-profile, highly durable bodypack UHF wireless transmitter that has all the characteristics to meet the demands of high performance. For use with head-worn, lavalier and instrument microphones, as well as guitars and basses. Attaches to belt, waistband or guitar strap with clip for hands-free mobility.

  • 8-9 Hour Battery Life.
  • Power On/Off Switch.
  • Power/Battery LED-Green When ON, Red When Battery Low.
  • Three-Segment Battery Power Icon.
  • PEAK Icon-Appears When Audio Signal Overloads.
  • Group/Channel Displays.
  • MODE Button for Menu Display.
  • SET Button for Saving Settings.
  • Adjustable Audio Gain Control (25 dB Range!).
  • Input Attenuation Switch-Select 0dB for Voice/Low Output; 20dB for High Output.
  • 4-pin Mini Connector.
  • Belt Clip.
Type of TransmitterULX1 Bodypack UHF Transmitter
# Of ChannelsOver 1400 User Selectable Frequencies (Channel Group / J1)
Type of Input ConnectorTAF4 4-Pin Mini Conector
Type of MicrophoneNot Applicable, Microphone Not Included
Polar PatternNot Applicable, Microphone Not Included
Interchangeable Mic HeadsYes, Use any of the Shure Lavalier, Headset, Instrument Microphones, or Guitar/Bass/XLR Adapter Cables that terminate to a Mini 4-pin TA4F Connector.
Battery Type/Approx. LifeNon-Rechargeable Type
9V Lithium Battery / 21 Hours (Recommended)
9V Alkaline Battery / 8 - 9 Hours (Recommended)
9V Carbon-Zinc Battery / 5 Hours (NOT Recommended)

Rechargeable Type
9V Ni-Cad Battery / 2 Hours (NOT Recommended)
9V Ni-MH Battery / 2.5 Hours (NOT Recommended)
Mute SwitchYes
Level ControlYes, 25 dB Gain Adjustment Range
Antenna TypeWire Type
DisplayPower On/Off Indicator, 3-Segment Low Battery Indicator, Channel and Group, Peak Icon (Input Overload Warning)
Dimensions3.86 x 2.68 x 1.10" (96.5 x 67 x 26.7 mm) HxWxD
Weight2.8 oz (79 g) without Battery


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