Shure Mikrofon Aksesuar SHURE QLXD1 SHURE QLXD1 Bel Tipi Verici, Mini 4-Pin Xlr KonnektörXML
Shure Mikrofon Aksesuar SHURE QLXD1 SHURE QLXD1 Bel Tipi Verici, Mini 4-Pin Xlr KonnektörXML

SHURE QLXD1 Bel Tipi Verici, Mini 4-Pin Xlr Konnektör

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Barkod : 74591

Shure ULX1 Bodypack


  • J1 - 554 / 590 Mhz
  • M1 - 662 - 698 Mhz
  • G3 - 470 / 506 Mhz

The Shure ULX1 is a low-profile, highly durable bodypack UHF wireless transmitter that has all the characteristics to meet the demands of high performance. For use with head-worn, lavalier and instrument microphones, as well as guitars and basses. Attaches to belt, waistband or guitar strap with clip for hands-free mobility.

  • 8-9 Hour Battery Life.
  • Power On/Off Switch.
  • Power/Battery LED-Green When ON, Red When Battery Low.
  • Three-Segment Battery Power Icon.
  • PEAK Icon-Appears When Audio Signal Overloads.
  • Group/Channel Displays.
  • MODE Button for Menu Display.
  • SET Button for Saving Settings.
  • Adjustable Audio Gain Control (25 dB Range!).
  • Input Attenuation Switch-Select 0dB for Voice/Low Output; 20dB for High Output.
  • 4-pin Mini Connector.
  • Belt Clip.
Type of Transmitter ULX1 Bodypack UHF Transmitter
# Of Channels Over 1400 User Selectable Frequencies (Channel Group / J1)
Type of Input Connector TAF4 4-Pin Mini Conector
Type of Microphone Not Applicable, Microphone Not Included
Polar Pattern Not Applicable, Microphone Not Included
Interchangeable Mic Heads Yes, Use any of the Shure Lavalier, Headset, Instrument Microphones, or Guitar/Bass/XLR Adapter Cables that terminate to a Mini 4-pin TA4F Connector.
Battery Type/Approx. Life Non-Rechargeable Type
9V Lithium Battery / 21 Hours (Recommended)
9V Alkaline Battery / 8 - 9 Hours (Recommended)
9V Carbon-Zinc Battery / 5 Hours (NOT Recommended)

Rechargeable Type
9V Ni-Cad Battery / 2 Hours (NOT Recommended)
9V Ni-MH Battery / 2.5 Hours (NOT Recommended)
Mute Switch Yes
Level Control Yes, 25 dB Gain Adjustment Range
Antenna Type Wire Type
Display Power On/Off Indicator, 3-Segment Low Battery Indicator, Channel and Group, Peak Icon (Input Overload Warning)
Dimensions 3.86 x 2.68 x 1.10" (96.5 x 67 x 26.7 mm) HxWxD
Weight 2.8 oz (79 g) without Battery


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