Bosch Lbb4511/00 Dijital Ir Radiator

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Bosch LBB4511/00 Dijital IR Radiator

These radiators are used to distribute infrared signals throughout the conference venue, enabling delegates to listen to the proceedings by means of personal pocket receivers. Functions

• Universal mains power facility allows use worldwide

• No fan - cooled by convection - resulting in quieter operation and less moving parts to wear out

• LED indicators for radiator status checking

• Communication between radiator and transmitter for easy checking by the operator

• Automatically switches on when transmitter is switched on and vice versa

• Automatic cable equalization ensures maximum transmission efficiency with different quality of cables

• Automatic cable termination simplifies installation

• Temperature protection circuitry automatically switches radiator from full- to half- power if the temperature becomes too high

• Adjustable radiator angle ensures maximum coverage

• IREDs protected by a cover plate, making the units easy to maintain and clean • Attractive and stylish design


Controls and Indicators

• Two yellow LEDs: one on each radiator panel to indicate that this panel is switched on and is receiving carrier waves from the transmitter

• Two red LEDs: one on each radiator panel to indicate that this panel is in standby mode

• Red and yellow LEDs simultaneously illuminated to indicate the radiator panel is malfunctioning • Red LED flashing and yellow LEDs to indicate the radiator panel is in temperature protection mode

• Power reduction switch to reduce the output of the radiator to half-power

• Two delay compensation switches to compensate for differences in cable lengths between transmitter and radiators Interconnection

• Male Euro socket for mains connection

• HF input and output connectors (2 x BNC) for connection to transmitter and loop-through to other radiators



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