RCF ZM2100 Merkez Ünite 6 Zone preamp, Acil Anons


RCF ZM 2100 6 Bölge Merkez Ünite


ZM 2100 is the system main unit that includes a preamplifier with 6-zone selection (no internal amplifier). It allows to choose either a power-sharing configuration by using one or two external amplifiers (the second is needed to keep music in zones not paged) for all the 6 zones or to use an amplifier (or more) per each zone. As the amplified main unit, also ZM 2100 has input connectors for sources and can manage priority and route the two buses to the system zones.


  • Dual-bus system architecture
  • System Paging consoles input for up to 6 selective devices daisychained, aux input and overall emergency input on precedence primary bus
  • 4 inputs of which 2 microphone and 2 universal, 3 selectable aux inputs with individual volume and tone controls with configurable priority on secondary bus
  • Interconnection terminals for power amplifiers to manage primary and secondary buses independently, using 100V single or dual amplifier configuration or 0dB multi-amplifier configuration according to system requirements
  • Switches with indicators to send or not the secondary bus program (i.e. music) on each of the 6 output zones
  • Link to connect up to eight ZE 2200 6six-zone expansion units so to built-up paging systems in excess of 50 zones.
  • Priority indicator to show when any system priority circuit has been triggered
  • Selectable chime generator is available on announcements
  • GPI and GPO logic ports are available for interface purposes with third parties systems and for monitoring feedback.
  • Dedicated wall mounting system remote control allows you to remote the main commands available on the master unit
  • RS 232 port for FW upgrade and communication/interface purposes
  • Power supply AC or DC24V, 3U 19" rack mounting


  • INTERNAL AMPLIFIER TYPE:(no internal amplifier)
  • INTERNAL AMPLIFIER MAX. OUTPUT POWER:(no internal amplifier)
  • INTERNAL AMPLIFIER OUTPUT VOLTAGE:(no internal amplifier)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE (+1 / –3 dB):MIC: 60 Hz ÷ 15 kHz AU X: 50 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
  • DISTORTION (at max. power):(no internal amplifier)
  • MIC input sensitivity:1.5 mV (– 54 dBu)
  • MIC input signal / noise ratio:> 60 dB
  • MIC input impedance:600 Ω (balanced)
  • LINE input sensitivity:200 mV (– 12 dBu)
  • LINE input signal / noise ratio:> 70 dB
  • LINE input impedance:600 Ω (balanced)
  • LINE input signal / noise ratio:> 70 dB
  • LINE input impedance:600 Ω (balanced)
  • AUX input sensitivity:200 mV (– 12 dBu)
  • AUX input signal / noise ratio:> 75 dB
  • AUX input impedance:10 kΩ (unbalanced)
  • INPUT 1÷4, AUX BASS tone control:100 Hz ± 10 dB
  • INPUT 1÷4, AUX TREBLE tone control:10 kHz ± 10 dB
  • EMERGENCY input sensitivity:100 mV (balanced audio signal), 100 V line
  • EMERGENCY input s/n ratio:> 70 dB
  • EMERGENCY input impedance:600 Ω (100 mV balanced audio signal)
  • PAGING (RJ 45) input sensitivity:1 V (+ 2 dBu)
  • PRE OUT max. output level:1 V
  • MOH signal max. output level:1 V (+ 2 dBm @ 600 Ω, balanced)
  • MOH amplified output power (8 Ω):1 W (on a 8 Ω load)
  • AMPLIFIER 100 V input max. power:240 W
  • POWER SUPPLY:115 V / 230 V ac, 24 V
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE:– 10 ÷ + 45 °C (+ 14 ÷ + 113 °F)
  • DIMENSIONS (w, h, d):430 x 133 x 365 mm (19" rack, 3 units)
  • NET WEIGHT:8.2 Kg


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